Friday, 3 February 2012

US Stock Tip - Nuskin (NUS) breakout with Strong earnings!!!

Dear Friends,

I have been recommending this stock all this while, ever since a good friend of mine brought this stock to my attention since october. You know why? My friend who is a distributor of Nuskin, a MLM company, tried to recruit me into the company telling me about how good their new product is, the revolutionary product that can make you young. It is called NewageLOC® Anti-aging Products. 

It has been calling all their distributors around the world to buy the stock and  recruit new members. That is the reason why its stock keeps going up, its sales are good, and their CEO raises their next quarter earnings guidance. I believe this stock is playable this quarter! It will be my top 10 stocks.

I did not join Nuskin or my friend after that, but this stock makes me quite a lot of $. Ha, it teaches me a lesson. Always take note of everything happening around you!


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