Monday, 27 February 2012

US Stock Tip: Apple still so STRONG : It is VERY likely to hit $525 again!

Dear Friends,

Recently I played Apple again. Just buy a straight call 3 months away. It is likely to continue its upwards movement towards $525. It is at $522 now. See if it can break through $525. My strategy is at $525 if, after making a bit of profit, I will put stoploss at breakeven. There is likely to be a resistance there.

But I am hoping there might be a breakout. For those who have attended my whole options class, you may trade this strategy. For those who aren't, please don't execute this move as you are not trained yet. The thing is I have been a Stocks and Options Trainer and Trader all these years.

Some of you might think:" I only like stocks, I don't like options". I would encourage you to have a more open mind to trading. It is a matter of fact to me that Learning options has GREATLY enhanced my skills as a trader! It has helped me in STOCKS analysis so much.

And the best thing in options is that it can be used as a hedging tool against stocks. In fact Warren Buffett and hedge fund managers use it. Recently I discovered that OCBC also invest in Warrants to sell as a hedging product to clients too!

If you like, you may register for our "Secrets to US Stock and how it affect Singapore Stock" session to know more about our class.


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