Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Singapore Stock Tip: China Aviation Buy at $1.23 as told 2 weeks ago! Remember?

Dear Friends,

I do not know whether you remember my last post on China Aviation Oil.  I mention that you need to sell first at $1.20 as there is a resistance. Indeed everything goes EXACTLY according to what I mentioned. Perfect! On 7 February, I wrote this article: "Congratulations on China Aviation Oil (CAO)"

In that article, I said go in at $1.23 after it rest a while! This stock will fly again! Check out that article. Indeed a few days ago, the highest price it reach is exactly $1.225 before consolidating for a few days. The reason why I say go in at $1.23 is because based on my trading experience, stocks has a high chance of continuation after adding 3 cts to a big psychological figure.

I find it so amazing that this stock follows my call exactly. Today it reach the price $1.23 before bursting through to end at $1.29. Sure looks like a great breakout!

So my prediction is for this stock is that it has a BIG resistance at $1.50. If it happens to travel there, sell first 4 cts below at $1.46. However before that, it may consolidate for a while, may try to test $1.20 or $1.25 before running again. Catch it if it manages to lift off above that figure.


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