Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Singapore Stock Tip: Genting Earnings Tonight: Will this stock Comeback like CAO?

Updated on 23 Feb 2012 after Genting Earnings:

Dear Friends,

Genting did not perform to expectations for their earnings results. That is the reason for their gap down of 35cts at their open. Forget about this stock now.

See its news here:

However, all its not dead yet. If this stock manages to come back to $1.73, that is when we can start to play again...  Keep in mind their earnings from Chinese New Year will only appear next quarter...

Rgds Daniel

Dear Friends,

I am closely monitoring the progress of Genting. I like stocks that miss estimates for consecutive quarters. Bcos it just take a nice quarterly earnings to make the stock come back.

I am preparing with all my ammunition! You should too!

If the earnings is bad, forget this stock, if it is good, get ready to go in after it consolidates... Let us see what happens! Will update you all...

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