Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Singapore Market Talk by Mr Gan

Hi Friends,

Singapore share prices closed higher on Tuesday with the Straits Times Index up 3.88 points to 3,025.07. Volume was 1.88 billion shares worth $1.55 billion. Losers marginally led gainers 213 to 203.

Market is keep surging and currently it is very over-bought now. Many of friends has been asking what counters to buy and what should they do with their current holding position. Well, below are some advise.

1.      Determine your time frame and exit according to your time frame
2.      If you has been holding some position, you may consider sell half
3.      Do not chase after the current over-bought market, if you still wish to buy, you can but with small size

Although market is very over-bought, the ART position system is managed to screen out below counters for your consideration and time frame is 1-3 months.  
Pls. do your home work and plan your trade properly. Enter only when it price is higher than previous day high price. Lastly a stop loss is a MUST.

Bullish counters ART position Trade: GoldenAgr, Tiger Air

Singapore Stocks – Earning Announcement Date 


Best Regards,
Gan Chai Leng, Caleb
ART System Founder and Trader


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