Tuesday 15 January 2013

A reminder of how powerful Earnings are - Ezra

Dear Friends,

Yesterday before market open, Ezra announces it s earnings. A disappointment. As you can see from its chart, yesterday it gaps down and today it continues its downward movement.

As a caution, for short term players, take note of your stocks earnings day. The more your stock runs up, the more dangerous it will be, should it fall short of expectations. Do not think that stocks like Ezion will run up forever. It is because of this run-up, that Ezion is more dangerous than stocks like Noble.

For short term players (1-2 mths), I encourage to liquidate all your stocks before earnings to avoid any gap down. We can always buy back if all is good. Remember that short term players don't like risk and uncertainty. We do not gamble with earnings results.

For long term players (1-2 years), ignore our advice as you are studying the long term prospect of your stock, and probably you need not care about one quarter earnings results.


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