Wednesday, 23 January 2013

US Tech sector has not disappoint with Good Google Results, Apple next?

Dear Friends,

We did mention that this festive earnings season should be good in America as expectations has been lowered last quarter.Indeed judging by some big companies progress, it seems to be a good 4th quarter for the tech sector or the US companies in general.

Well, tech normally is the strongest sector in last quarter. Today Google's results proves that. See how Google gaps up $35 in after market hours!

Hence our prediction is that US stock market might not reach a peak yet, so it is still ok to hold your stocks in general. Wait till the earnings euphoria dies off...

Google share price:

Tonight is the biggest of them all. Whether Apple will revive its fortunes depends on tonight's earnings! It has been down $200 from its heights of $705, lying around $500 now.

I am quietly optimistic about this results. I will looking forward to a gap up in Apple price 2moro.

If Apple revives, pay attention to it this quarter. If the results aren't good, just dump it in the rubbish bin!


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