Friday, 18 January 2013

Singapore Stock Tip: Can Tat Hong break $1.50? Let us see...

Dear Friends,

I like strong earnings stock. If a stock has strong earnings, that stock has a great chance to be a hit for that quarter!. It will be out performing most of the stocks. Tat Hong is one of them. Having said that, it has run a bit too. Now it is facing a resistance at $1.50. Let us see if it breaks.

I feel this stock might have one last run before its earnings. Let us see if it does.

Last earnings results:

Tat Hong: First Half Net Profit Surges 88% To S$34 Million.

09 Nov 2012 17:13
Tat Hong Holdings Ltd reported a strong second quarter performance for the 3-month period ended 30 September 2012 with net profit attributable to shareholders increasing 37% to S$17.3 million and revenue improving 18% to reach S$216.0 million, compared with the 3-month period ended 30 September 2011. Profit attributable to shareholders for the first half of the financial year improved a hefty 88% to reach S$34.0 million on the back of a 26% improvement in revenue to $431.3 million...


Now: $1.47

If break $1.50,
Target 1 : $1.59-$1.60
Target 2:  $1.65-$1.70

Stop: $1.39


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