Wednesday, 16 January 2013

STI momentum continues, going after 3240 again?

Dear Friends,

We could sense the bullishness int he market still. Like what we think in our past article, the bullish momentum is still on the run. Probably we need to be concerned only in Feb. This pullback these couple of days is a great one for us to pursue. We anticipate there is a chance for STI to carry to go after 3240, the last high again. Thanks the government for the cooling measure. It sure cools the market off a bit. But it just seems temporary to me, ha.

But having said that, we still got to caution that we are on the high side, meaning risks are high should you enter. And picking the right stocks are important. Good money management plays a part. This is a good time as some stocks are pulled down these few days. You are getting a shopping discount now.

Do remember that we have entered into earnings season though. Your stocks will be put on trial. Take note of your trial date! It may either gap up or down. Hence it is advisable for you to pay attention. Short term players you may focus on stocks that have done well. Long term players may do a portfolio review to see if your stocks are still in good health.

There will be opportunities and there may be risks. But this is why stocks are exciting, isn't it?


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