Friday, 11 January 2013

Singapore Stock Tip: Civmec on the run now after accumulation, Ausgroup ran, PEC next?

Dear friends, these are short duration trades that may come down fast if not careful. Caution and speed is needed in placing such trades with small volume.


It is running now. Price is $1.215.
Accumulation down over past few days, going..

Target 1 : $1.27-$1.30

Stop: $1.17

2) Ausgroup ran before I can catch it.

Noticed Ausgroup, ran fast today, cant catch now...


3) PEC

But in my radar is PEC, accumulation ongoing

Price now $0.695

Target 1 : $0.77-$0.80
Stop: $0.665(Tight tight stop loss as vol small)


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