Monday, 14 January 2013

Europe and Asia powers forward, Singapore the only exception

Dear Friends,

Everything goes according to plan. The Singapore market along with STI falls. Property stocks gapped down at open. We mentioned not to short any stocks today as we mentioned that you can never beat the market makers. They gapped down the stocks at the open and push the stocks up to maintain liquidity.

See our article:

Fundamentally, we believe that property stocks that made their money overseas will be less affected by the cooling measures. And these are the stocks to watch out for. In facebook, we mentioned Yanlord as such a company. Indeed Yanlord even closed in the green today after gapping down at the open. It remains unaffected by the trauma in the property market. (Strong)

By the way, do you remembered we issued an article talking about the resurgence of the Shipping industry? Indeed, all 3 stocks, Yang Zi Jiang, NOL and Cosco goes up, even today when STI dropped. This shows the strength of the sector. But take note that short term wise, they will reach a resistance soon.

Article on Shipping industry:

Cosco at 1.07-1.10 and Yang at 1.17-1.20 are resistances. They may stop here for a while. But having said that, Yang to me is the stock to watch out for this year! Every drop is a good opportunity to pick up its bits and pieces. Fundamentally it has the highest growth rate.

Some stocks today indeed falls down, but everything seems to be in order as the big market remains bullish. Europe and Asia are all in the green. I expect US to have a good earnings this month as mentioned in past articles. February is the month to be careful.

Perhaps this cooling measure is afterall a great thing to pause the momentum of STI a bit so that it can push on to higher heights!


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