Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Singapore Stock Tip: Supergroup big break soon?

Dear Friends,

I know some of you are hyped up about all the stocks that have run up today... Cool! People ask me how Ezion or Blumont will be as we have recommended a week back.

Do not to chase these stocks anymore! We should have gone in when they are consolidating, not when they are in the limelight now!

That is the sole reason why retailers are often losing money. If you are thinking of buying now, you may be buying from us who have made our money and about to run! If you go into Ezion now at $1.70 or Blumont at $0.32, you are late! Don't be the last bird caught in the cage.

For these stocks, they need a rest now, at least for a couple of days. Then we monitor it while resting to know if it is about to burst forward again.

For those that followed us and are making money, (I know you are greedy and want to make the most) now our advice is to use money management to guard your profits. ie. move your stop loss upwards as it goes up.

Then you may ask, what should I focus on now?

A Stock like Supergroup is nice.... this is one stock that some of you may have forgotten! I bet most retailers forget this liao, but for me, this is a good stock to rotate to now bcos it is forgotten!

This is where the money lies! Professional money has been on this stock recently and they are likely to be still there. When every stocks are running, this stock goes down $0.01. This tells me accumulation is still ongoing.

My Target price: 3.47-3.50

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