Wednesday, 20 June 2012

TIME to accumulate STOCKS as S&P500 and Tech stocks turn BULLISH!

Dear Friends,

Our Market Sentiment Indicator has indicated that Stocks are turning Bullish in the S&P500 index and S&P500 Tech Sector and S&P500 Energy sector. Our indicator has been correct when it accurately predicted the Bearishness in the market in April. That is the start of the fall.

Now it has turned as confidence has began to swing it around, though our NYSE and Nasdaq exchange stocks still remain bearish. I believe this turn in bullishness will continue, and once both NYSE and Nasdaq turns bullish, this bullishness will reach its full capacity.

So now, I recommend buying some stocks to accumulate in preparation, both in US and Singapore.

Risk is now low compared to April and May. Hopefully we get a positive news from Ben Bernanke tonight in the FOMC meeting. This will swing more stocks into the positive territory.

Good luck in your trading!


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