Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Singapore Stock Tip: Yanlord going crazy but may have temporarily stopped

This is a stock that our graduate has mentioned. Let us study this stock carefully.

Yanlord may have reached a resistance at the "Law of Gravity of Price" of $1.20 after our friend, Chin Hiong mentioned that he bought it at $1.04.

See today's price of $1.18 is reached? Today it close at $1.14

Did you see a lot of people selling at $1.18, a spike in volume intraday? Not a good sign today.

Temporarily a rest is needed now. But can we look at this stock again in future?

Yes, preferably when it comes back up to $1.19. I would normally prefer for this stock to go beyond $1.23. But for speculators, you may want to get in earlier. If at $1.20 it still has a resistance, please exercise your stop loss at $1.15.

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