Thursday, 28 June 2012

Testimonial by our graduate who makes $ in Gold Futures abd Forex trading!

26th June 2012: Testimonial provided by our graduate Kah Meng - Making 50 pips in Gold Futures within 30 mins using our "CASH RINGING SYSTEM"

"Hi all this 1 is my recent trade(Gold) jus follow the BOX TOP/BTM (Cash Ringing System CRS) i was try to short ths due to hv strong support on top of the box top and cross over the box bottom + triple bottom breakout...
Take profit ad 50 pips within 30 mins"
 Join us in our seminar below to know how Kah Meng did it.

958访谈 2018年7月26日:欧美贸易战美国胜利驶到股市大涨!买什么?

·         欧美贸易战美国胜利驶到股市大涨! 道琼斯昨晚闭市在 25414 点,涨了 172 点。 一个月前我们曾经在节目中有说过,道指在 24100 点的时候大家一定要投资,是捡便宜的机会。果然,道指从当时候从 24100 点已经跑了 1300 点。 ...