Monday, 18 June 2012

FOMC meeting on 19th June Tuesday: Will there be QE3?

Dear Friends,

Last week rise is due to hopes of QE3 again. Market could not drop even when there is Greek election uncertainty. On Friday, Dow increase by triple digit again. Somehow I feel this week there will may great opportunity to go bullish!

Let us get our CASH ready when opportunities arise.

If Greece has nothing wrong on Monday, and if Ben Bernanke give some hints on Tuesday at the FOMC meeting, then it is a Bullish Play!

By the way, somehow I have this feeling that some news may have leaked out about possible stimulus. Market has been so bullish that is seems quite unusual!

But this is just my guess. Let us wait for the confirmation from the FED to see if any plans are in the pipeline!  If there is, it will be pro stocks and Gold.



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