Saturday, 30 June 2012

Testimonial by our Graduate who makes $ in Hang Seng futures again!

29 June 2012: Testimonial by our graduate Chin Hiong applying our "CASH RINGING SYSTEM" on Hang Seng futures again!
"Hi Daniel, another typical application of Cash Ringing System. After 20 min charge through both box bottom and box top, it then tested 2 times the box top at 19157, it bounce off and hit a day high of tools..Cheers!"

958访谈 2018年7月26日:欧美贸易战美国胜利驶到股市大涨!买什么?

·         欧美贸易战美国胜利驶到股市大涨! 道琼斯昨晚闭市在 25414 点,涨了 172 点。 一个月前我们曾经在节目中有说过,道指在 24100 点的时候大家一定要投资,是捡便宜的机会。果然,道指从当时候从 24100 点已经跑了 1300 点。 ...