Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Will this Friday 29 June spark a turnaround?

Dear Friends,

It has come to the crucial again. There is a glimmer of hope this Friday starting from the Chicago PMI report. It is a precursor to the important ISM report next monday. For June, ISM report is also a miss. Let us see for July, whether the enterprises fetch a better result.

Next week is the HOLY week. Whether there will be a panic again will depend on the results next week. Apart from next monday's ISM report, we got to pay attention to next Thursday's ADP employment report, Friday's non farm payroll and unemployment rate again!

After 3 months of disastrous, a total disaster in jobs results this quarter, we hope that July will spark a good start to the 3rd quarter. If the jobs recover, expect a recovery from the stock market as well.

In fact, I am glad to say that July is earnings month again in US. This means that our eyes will focus more to domestic earnings results instead of worrying about Europe or economical reports shortfall constantly. We would worry more of IBM, Google, Exxon, Apple, Cisco, Wal Mart, Bank of America, Coca Cola etc. earnings! And that always meant not worrying too much of Europe or China. For Singapore stocks, earnings also start in July.

But do take note of your portfolio stocks. Earnings is normally the time to pick up some good growth stocks and to get rid of those bad laundry stocks. Make sure you pay attention to your stocks.

For speculators or short term players, one piece of advice is to sell your stocks before earnings. If your stocks are good, buy them back after earnings.

As a trader, we do not like risk.

To summarise, July might be a good month starting from this Friday if the Chicago PMI results are good. Let us cross our fingers now....



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