Tuesday, 31 July 2012

45% ROI , US$1840 profit in 1 trading day on Apple! Liquidate position for short term trades!

Dear Friends,

On Monday, market goes a bit tense about the week unfolding. After the QE expectation increase, market turned soft and Dow turns a bit red. Like what I said about this week's trading plan, we should sell into the rally before Ben's speech. Btw, mid to long term I am still bullish... just short term wise, be careful.


I did, I have already liquidated 4/5 of my positions. Like Apple, that I urged everybody to buy. Do you remember?


Last week, I asked everybody to look at Apple at $570 when it gaps down. I told everybody that $570 might be the lowest price it will reach. Buy offensive sector. It reached a high of $599.

Yes, I sold my apple position that I entered on Friday.

45% ROI , US$1840 profit in 1 trading day on Apple, 
2 lots X100 shares X (29.7 - 20.5) = US$1840
Currently, Big Ben is to speak on FOMC on Wednesday at 2.15pm Eastern time as scheduled in our economic calendar. It is different from what is stated in the federal reserve website where it says the FOMC meeting is from 31st July to 1st Aug. I also confused about the time.
But anyway, after the last few powerful rally days, market is a bit hesitant now. As I have mentioned, our strategy as a trader is not to undertake RISK, the RISK of no QE or strong policy from Europe may cause market to fall.
 If the policy is good, we can still get our stocks later. Better wait first....


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