Wednesday 4 July 2012

US$4200 profit in just 2 days trading APPLE!

Dear Friends,

If you think that money cannot be easily made, think again!

Do you remember that we issued an article sharing to look out for Apple on Monday saying that Apple most likely will go up, titled "Will Apple break $590 this time?" 2 days ago?

We share that Apple has bounced off the box bottom.

Check out the article:

I went in 2 times during these 2 days.

Today I exited by position with an overall profit of US$4200 in 2 day's work when it reached a high of $600, where I think there is a resistance. It did reach a high of $600 exactly today! Of course, I would enter again if I think there is still momentum. But I profit take today because of US holiday.

10 lots X 100 shares X ($21.75-18.75) = US$3000 (16%ROI in 1 day)
10 lots X 100 shares X ($11.45-10.25) = US$1200 (11.7%ROI in 1 day)
Total profit = US$4200

I hope to instill a belief in you that TRADING is a way to BECOME FINANCIALLY FREE. It has helped my life, and I want YOU to be able to trade like me! I am not a prophet, it is just that I have spent 10 years of my life understanding how prices move and I want you to have the same ABILITY!

If I can do it, you can too!!!

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