Wednesday, 18 July 2012

July is all about QE3! Will there be? Let us continue to Debate

Dear Friends,

Today we again focus on Ben Bernanke speech. Again there is expectation of QE possibility. And again there is disappointment he did not announce it. And again there are people who still continue to interpret that he will say about the QE in his next speech. And again they may be dissapointed.

This has been going on and on for the past months. As Election looms around in 4 months time, this speculation will still continue until Big Ben really gives the green light. Everytime, a bad report like jobs report or retail report turns up worse, Wallstreet will call for a QE again.

My opinion is that this chatter will continue throughout July. Yes, no, Yes no, so confusing!

See the report today on QE expectation:

And bear in mind, Big Ben will appear in the FOMC meeting again on 31st July. I think there will be expectation again. My opinion is that for short term players, we better sell our stocks before that day. But I have no doubt that this anticipation of QE will carry the market forward. I still believe July will not be a bad month, like May.

If you are a long term player, do start to look at some stocks worth holding and investing in. You probably have seen the lowest point in the market in May. We are bullish this second half of the year.


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