Thursday, 5 July 2012

Our Market Sentiment indicator has shown NYSE 3000 stocks are turning Bullish now!

Dear Friends,

Good News! Our market sentiment indicator which measures the number of percentage of stocks being bullish at this moment has turned bullish now. 

We have been exactly right last year and this year just by following the indicator. When NYSE stocks turned bullish last October, we tell everyone to buy stocks. At that time, the market changed in direction. When NYSE stocks turned bearish in April, we warned everyone to take note of the change. Indeed after that, the market collapsed.

This is not an indicator that change direction often. But once it changes, we better watch out! Historical stats have shown that if you study our indicator closely, you will avoid recession each time.

So better pay attention to our sentiment indicator daily. Today it turns bullish. Next, I am waiting for the 3000 Nasdaq stocks to turn bullish to create a Bullish Whirlwind.



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