Tuesday 24 July 2012

The Selloff today in US not that covincing; Google back to even!

Dear Friends,

In our last article, we talked about studying today's market. At the open Dow opened 150 points down, went to 200 points down within minutes. Now at 1.30am, it is 120 points down.

Like what we mentioned in our last article, it will be wiser not to panic and watch how Dow's direction is for the day. Our thought is that today's selloff is not convincing. Not a reason to panic sell yet, whether in Hong Kong or Singapore or US....I heard from CNBC that the volume of the market isn't high last Friday and today. Maybe the fear is a profit take rather than a big selloff.

But let us monitor Europe and US market again 2moro. If it signals an up day, we probably know that this selloff won't sustain long. Mid term (2-3 months) we still maintain our view to accumulate stocks at any opportunity since US election is 4 months away.

Btw, 2moro night will be a big night on Apple earnings. It is going to shake the market on Wednesday. If it beats earnings convincingly, it might start to propel Dow again. So let us watch carefully.

This stock Google (GOOG) is back to even now: Almost a giveaway of higher prices in the next few days.



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