Saturday, 28 July 2012

Double QE epectation from US and European Union propels market forward!

Dear Friends,

Market really gone crazy these few days. It is crazy today with a up and up 200 points move. Do you remember I urge all to start to buy stocks, at a time when everyone said it is BEARISH! Just when everyone said short this and that, and Europe problems is growing.

See our blog for past few days article, it seems we are one of the few people being so bullish after a triple digit 3 days down move for Dow Jones:

This is QE in the working these few days. After yesterday European Central Bank President Mario Draghi (Super Mario) talk to save Euro, it seems we are having Double QE expectation from both US and Europe next week.

Today Mario talk with German Chancellor leaked out and many predict something is in the pipeline, fueling the market after lunch! Dow went up 100 points in minutes after lunch.

The thing is unless there is something substantial either from US or Europe, short term players better take profits off the table by Tuesday. In fact I have closed half of my positions going into the weekend!

It has been a great few days....

Time to enjoy my talk 2moro with Mr Hu Li Yang and my sunshine bath on the beach....


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