Sunday, 1 July 2012

Singapore Singapore Stock Tip: Starhub has reached our target of $3.47!

Dear Friends,

Do you remember that we have gotten behind Starhub this company ever since its upward movement at $2.90? We posted again and again about this stock.

Look at our last article:

We mentioned that $3.30 is the Law of Gravity of Price, resistance figure. But if it can break through, there is a high chance of going up.. If you have come for my investment course, you would have known that you need to sell at $3.47, using our "Law of Gravity of Price" theory!

You know what, 2 days ago, it reached a price of..... $3.47 EXACTLY!!! before retreating on Friday! You would have gotten out at the highest.

Btw, apart from that, our ART System also shows a BUY SIGNAL on 17th May. If you follow our system, you would have made 17 cents profit in 1.5 months on a very stable and defensive stock!

Our ART system is a really NO BRAINER money making machine!

Join us for our session this Thursday and Friday where we will showcase to you this Magical "ART System"

Look at the details in the previous article...

For this stock, it has almost done its work by reaching our targeted $3.47. It needs to prove itself now in its earnings for this Run to continue. Check out its Earnings Date!


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