Tuesday, 1 October 2013

A post by Lucia Chen: MarketTalk 20130930

Dear Friends,

After US Fed surprisingly announced that QE will not be tapered in Sep – which is a good news to the market. However after the news,  US made the longest period of consecutive days drop this year. 
 Dow Jones has dropped around 450 points from the top and so many problems seem to crop up recently. The market are playing with a new round of expectation now: will QE taper in October? How will the debt ceiling affect the global market? With all this expectation result in a profit taking and halt to a recent run-up.

So will it be a BLACK October to the stock market? With the US government shutdown dateline on Tuesday, 1 October and the debt ceiling dateline on Thursday, 17 October, it seems the market is heading for a rough ride. The current situation is the Republican vote to delay President Barack Obama’s health-care law by one year as part of legislation to keep the government running. However, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will not accept changes to the health-care law in exchange for temporary government funding. If House Republicans and Senate Democrats cannot agree by the Tuesday-morning (12AM Singapore time) deadline, thousands of government employees will be unable to work.

However when there is a panic there is an opportunity! To us, this is a good opportunity to come back to the stock market again! We still maintain our view that the worldwide international financial markets will continue its rally after a this consolidation! US towards 16000, STI to test 3300!

Thus our trading strategy will be simply conclude to Buy On Dips. The immediate support zone for STI is3120 – 3160, stock you may want to focus on like STI component stocks or Energy sector stocks or Commodity stocks that have good earnings should 3150 be reached. We will keep you all updated via both email and SMS!







Buy Zone is at: 1.4– 1.44
1st Target: 1.5 – 1.53
2nd Target: 1.6 – 1.64
Position Size: Medium

买入区间:1.4 – 1.44
目标价11.5– 1.53
目标价21.6 – 1.64


Buy Zone is at: 0.5-0.53
1st Target: 0.6-0.63
2nd Target: 0.67-0.72
Position Size: Medium

买入区间:0.5 – 0.53
目标价10.6 – 0.63
目标价20.67 – 0.72

Asia-Pacific Strategic

Buy Zone is at: 0.37 – 0.44
1st Target: 0.52 – 0.57
2nd Target: 0.6 – 0.65
Position Size: Small

买入区间:0.37 – 0.44
目标价10.52 – 0.57
目标价20.6 – 0.65

Thank you very much,

Best Regards,
Lucia Chen

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