Thursday 3 October 2013

STI reached our target 3150, time to pick stocks?

Dear Friends,

Like what we predicted, STI reached our target 3150. We did mention on radio and past articles that at 3150, we think might have a good support, it may be time to pick some stocks.

Our last article:

Today STI opens and goes to a low of 3135 before rebounding. No matter what, we feel you should park a bit of money into the stock market to test water. If things go according to plan and STI climbs to 3300 from now, accumulate along the way!

If STI drops to 3000-3050, which we think will be really a low point, go in with larger position! Our stand is that this time round, there might not be a chance of dropping that deep. If there is, it is Christmas Gift in advance!


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