Tuesday 8 October 2013

Answer to a query by a reader on Courts Asia

Dear Friends,

A keen reader keep asking about Courts Asia, a stock he has. If you are like him, I suggest holding on to it. It does seem that buying is there at 0.7 region. I feel that is a good accumulation region. It would be wasteful to sell now if it rebounds.

But do remember that this stock has a similar pattern play to Vard. It will be ding donging between 0.70-0.80. If it breaks out of 0.80, it is likely to try to poke $0.97, where like Vard, is going to pause for sometime.

If break 0.70, stop loss at 0.65!!! No hesitation for a down trend stock!

Do not enter if you have not... just a reference for those who are having this stock.


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