Wednesday, 9 October 2013

It is a accumulation time for me when STI is 3150

Dear Friends,

As I mentioned in our last article on "Where is a good point to pick up STI?", we mentioned that at 3150, we would be buying. We dont think STI would drop to 3000.

Our last article:

And today proves that STI is resilient amid the 159 points drop in the DOW! This shows strength in Asia and STI.

If you want some tips on the sectors to look at, as what I mentioned in the last article, last quarter is always a good season for energy and retail sector. Banks you may look at it because it follows STI closely.

And we do expect a christmas rally to occur this year if QE3 does not taper! So in the meantime, do some homework to find some stocks that were sold down recently, but with good fundamentals. With the earnings announcement starting, it is a good time to do some study and pick up those stocks that beat the estimates!



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