Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Apple fightback with a good earnings tonight? Chances are high

Dear Friends,

I do think that tonight there is a good tendency that Apple might just beat this quarter earnings estimates. If it does, this stock has a terrific chance to reach $600 by year end. We do think that there is a good chance it might just do it with the new iphone and ipad sales this quarter. Analysts target a $7.885 earnings estimate against a $8.67 EPS last october.

Good chance? I think so. I am having a very small bet on this, though I must admit betting on earnings before it is a dangerous!

So the strategy is clearcut. After tonight earnings, if the stock gaps up, do keep this stock in your portfolio! Get ready for Santas Claus big iphone gift this quarter, if and only if, Apple does deliver a good earnings! Black Friday and Santas Claus Rally is on its way, as it always happens for Apple.


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