Thursday 10 October 2013

Good turnaround at 3150 as predicted?

Dear Friends,

One week back in 30th September on Monday when STI is falling, we issued a call to accumulate stocks when STI is 3150 or below.

Yesterday, we again issued a call to accumulate stocks. We mentioned that we are looking to accumulate STI at 3150 as we think there is a turnaround.

This call is amid the unresolved debt ceiling issue. We mentioned our call in websites, seminars, radio station.

Today STI is at 3170 now.

I am not saying that this time we are right. Because STI just increases by 18 points today. Only time will tell if we are correct.

If you followed our call either to buy STI ETF or futures below 3150, you are already in a profitable position like us! We advise you to now place your stop loss at 3150, the entry price. And let the profit runs! 

This is trader's money management number 1 lesson! Even if it snaps back below 3150 and trigger our stop loss, so be it. Get out at breakeven. If so. we will be accumulating STI at 3150 the second time it stands above that point!

We are prepared to let it run to 3250-3300. So far this year, we have been VERY Accurate with all our major predictions, and at times to our own amazement!

This year, we have predicted the Nikkei top at 16000, Nikkei bottom at 12800, Gold bottom at 1200, Gold recent high at 1440, Crude Oil recent top at 110, STI bottom at 3000, KLCI bottom at 1700, KLCI recent top at 1800, Jakarta bottom at 4000, Hang Seng bottom at 20000, Shanghai Composite bottom at 2000, AUS/USD bottom at 0.89!

It is not easy to find someone who can issue predictions about the world market because it takes courage to give a call in the media.

But we are glad we continuously do so! And if you followed our major indices, currrency and commodities calls closely, this year, you would have make quite a bit of money.

As usual, we are predicting now that STI to turnaround at 3150, KLCI to break 1800 this quarter, Nikkei to halt at 16000, Dow to bottom at 14700, Gold to head for 1200!

To know about how DANIEL LOH does it time and again, do come for his previews in future...
No dates to his previews now as all sessions fully packed till end of month. Do look forward to his predictions though. And help to refer your friends to watch this blog.

Daniel Loh

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