Tuesday, 8 May 2012

At midnoon in US, Index is turning positive! We are suggesting to go Bulllish!

Dear Friends,

As I have mentioned in last article, I am bullish going into the next 2 weeks. If you think of exiting on a terrible US Friday or today in Singapore, you might be making a mistake.

After Dow Jones opened in the red today, it goes to breakeven now. Nasdaq100 and S&P500 have turned positive.

Ha, I am amazed at how the media painted the bad picture of the market over the weekend after the terrible jobs report on Friday. I am just waiting like a shark on the sideline waiting to pounce on any strong stocks that are sold off.

See Google today?!! It goes up $10 after lifting off $600. This is what I called a 97% probability trade in stocks trading. It goes past the "Law of Gravity of Price" of $600, towards $617. Up up it may fly... See the strength. Will this stock break through the resistance near $620? Yeah maybe this time, with the help of a Facebook IPO...

Btw, I am not recommending this stock to those playing US stock market. You should have entered position today. 2moro is already one day late.

What I am trying to bring across is that trading is EASY if you know the ways of how market works. I always believe everyone of us can be a GOOD trader once we put in enough effort, practice and discipline.

You are a Good trader by Choice, not by luck! Choose to start learning today!


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