Thursday, 24 May 2012

Will Apple imac conference create a hype in Apple again?

Dear Friends,

An article on Apple talking about its good sales on i mac:

A quote taken from the article "But with Apple’s annual developers’ conference set to start on June 11, there has been growing belief that the company will soon show off a new iMac in a big way, ahead of the back-to-school and holiday-shopping seasons"

Well, the date is 11 June. Let us see if there is a run-up in the stock before this date. If June's Economical Reports are not bad, do expect to see a run-up before the event as often is the case.

Following the recent sell-off in Apple, I would expect Apple to have a run-up in price, either before or after the conference!

It would very much depend on the general market also.

I am always getting my cash ready to put my money on this maiden... ;)

Today it goes up another $8 now, probably moving towards our law of gravity of price figure of $575.


(Updated at 3:42am: Sorry It is going crazy again: up $14 now!)

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