Monday 14 May 2012

Singapore Market for this week 新加坡股市

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STI weekly Summary: In last week, STI fell 108 points from the opening of 2991 and close higher at 2883. A black candle sticks with little upper/lower shadow affirms that investors have no qualms in selling the stocks lower.

Week Ahead:  In the coming week, Investors will be watching for U.S. economic data, minutes from the FOMC and the continuing situation in Europe. However, Europe may continue to drive the action as markets navigate the politics of Greece and Italian and French debt auctions. Many strategists see a further decline ahead for the stock market and expect choppiness to continue as the US market is only 5% down. but we maintain our previous view that we see the recent correction as a good opportunity to enter the market.

STI index broke the critical support at 2906 in the past week to end the consolidation mode since Feb 2011 and this is a bearish mode. The weekly trading volume increases as the selling pressure soars on fears. The supported turn resistance at 2906 will be a critical level for the bulls to clear as the breached of this level affirms to the recovery of the market.

Trading strategy wise now, STI has broken the critical support at 2906 and end the consolidation mode. This is bearish signal. Although we see recent correction as a buying opportunity, but we do not advise anyone to buy on pullback now especially for those stocks with negative earnings result, and watch for sign of consolidation first. STI’s next support is 2848, take note of this figure as we may see a technical rebound at this level ahead.

Below are some main Companies Earnings for last week:

Noble Group Ltd. 1Q net profit fell 46% to US$110 million compared with US$203 million a year ago.

Genting Singapore PLC 1Q net profit fell 31% to S$211.5 million compared with S$305.4 million a year earlier due mainly to lower takings and volumes in its premium-gambler business.

City Developments Ltd. 1Q net profit fell 44.5% to S$156.8 million compared with S$282.3 million a year earlier due mainly to the absence of one-time gains on asset sales made a year earlier.

Wilmar International Ltd. 1Q net profit fell 34% to US$255.9 million compared with US$386.7 million a year earlier as margins in the commodity supplier’s oilseeds and grains business were squeezed.

Singapore Telecommunications Ltd. 4Q net profit rise 30% to S$1.29 billion compared with S$991.7 million a year earlier as contributions from some of its regional mobile associates rose and it logged currency-translation gains from the strength of the Australian dollar.


海指一周摘要: 上周海指从开盘2991点,到收盘2883点,一共下跌108。走势所形成的略带上下影线的黑色烛台图,显示出了投资者由于对欧洲问题的恐慌而陆续纷纷的抛售股票。

下周重要报告: 下周因为希腊,意大利和法国的债务拍卖的政治行动,欧洲市场会继续成为市场走势的定位。而由于美国市场只掉了5%,所以专家纷纷预言未来股市的进一步下跌。但是我们依旧保持我们之前的看法,在大盘调整的时候是一个入场的机会!








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