Wednesday, 23 May 2012

A look into Apple: US$8450 Profit; 80.86% ROI in 1 sweet day!

Dear Friends,

Remember yesterday we issued an article on Apple crazy run. Today we exited with a profit of US$8450, a 80.86% ROI within 1 single day of easy work.

10 contracts X 100 shares X ($18.90-$10.45) = US$8450 profit in 1 day

Yesterday we mentioned that we have USD$2950 unrealised profit and said that we have placed a stop so to let the profit run. Today my profit tripled! The thing is we sense that Apple is on the move up and may close at the high. We also mentioned that if Apple can close at a high, it is likely to gap up next day. See the chart today? It gaps up $10 at the open today.

Today we also showed to our Live Trading Night Class how we exited Apple beautifully. We told the class that Apple will not cross over $575 resistance, which is the "Law of Gravity of Price", a strong support and resistance price. Indeed it is, the highest it goes is $574. We exited near the high, and after that it drop to $560 at mid day.

This is the chart today:

Believe me, making money is easy if you know how!!! It is all about learning to understand how prices move. Prices dance around in certain predictable pattern.  

Now we are waiting for a break off $575, once it reach $575, sticks there and does not falls below $573.5, it will break out and fly!

Likely to have a strong break then... till then, this stock is in consolidation after a $45 run-up!


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