Friday, 18 May 2012

Energy Sector BIG turnaround about to come!

Dear Friends,

Energy sector has entered into our OVERSOLD region. Our market sentiment indicator indicates only 20% of energy stocks are bullish. As a trader, sector rotation is part of our game. It is time to do our homework to pick out those fundamentally strong Energy stocks who are beaten down because of the bearishness in the energy sector.

One major reason that Singapore and US energy stocks are beaten down is because of recent worries regarding China economy. Energy sector are normally globally interconnected. I would suggest to find those energy stocks that serves domestic needs more, rather than those that have connections with China.

Energy is a big sector, we need to break it down into different industries. There are industries like Coal, Natural Gas, Oil equipment services, Oil exploration, Oil integrated, Solar related, Green Energy from Agriculture related, Oil palm (for Singapore). We need to study the different industry carefully before picking our stocks.

Of course US offers more variety of stocks for our selection.

Before I do my research, I hope that you can help me by sharing with me your information like what stocks you think is good and why. I would compile and share with everybody.

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