Saturday 5 May 2012

We are Right in our concern with Nonfarm Payroll today! But it might be time to be BULLISH!

Dear Friends,

Last Friday, do you remember we issued an article indicating our concern with the Non farm payroll report.

This is the article:

Today Dow Jones was shot down after Non-farm payroll comes in below expectations. Dow was down 160 points in midday on Friday. Declining beat Advancing stocks 72.1% to 17.1%.

Non farm payroll report shows that 115,000 jobs added only compared to the expectation of 173,000. This is a total sharp fall in expectation. Last week, we called everybody to sell before Friday's number! I hope you followed our call. If you have, you will avoid this drop today.

Today again proves my point in that "Fundamental reports drive the market direction and Technical Analysis only determines the support and resistance." Once you learn our way how to interpret Fundamental reports, you can forecast how market moves. No kidding, we have proven it time and time again.

If you want to learn how we do it, please come for our Free Seminar on <Secrets of US Stock Market and How it affects Singapore Market>.  Pls help your friends by telling them the news!

Anyway, yesterday we issued an Article <Should we sell in May and Go away>. It was published on our blog, sharesinvestment website, and SIAS website. In the article, we tell everybody not to panic and sell away your positions after today. This month will be in a sideway trend. 

In fact, take this as an opportunity to BUY!!! instead of selling. 

2 reasons why I think market might be up next 2 weeks: 1st is that ISM report is good, 2nd is that FACEBOOK will IPO on 18th May.

Today I heard in CNBC news from a host that Facebook has been the hottest IPO in her 25 years history in this industry. Her clients urge her to buy as many shares as possible! And the best thing is Facebook will price itself less than what the analysts predicts! So, what does this mean? This means that a lot of Retailers and Hedge Funds have more reasons to buy in on the stock after its debut.

Of course, after today's decline, we need to be cautious in our entry.

My strategy is to enter starting next week when a bit of confidence comes back after today's decline. I need to hopefully see Dow increase by a triple digit number. Once this day comes, and confidence is back, it is likely to continue its momentum towards Facebook IPO.

Also, look for strong stocks that has positive results after their earnings. I would send all our Options graduates an email on the US stocks that has positive results! Let us get ready to milk some CASHCOW!!!


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