Wednesday 19 September 2012

It is raining money with Japan having a QE also!

Dear Friends,

What a day in the gold and silver market again with news that Japan also joined in the fun to participate in the QE party. Now 3/4 largest economies have all announced printing of money... US, Europe(considered one large economy), Japan the latest one to announce.

Attached is an article regarding the Japan's QE.

Now the only significant economy that have not announced is China. We shall see whether China will do it in the next few months.

If China did print money, probably the world will be flooded again with cash galore... and property prices would not go down still. If China did print money, I would predict Shanghai composite will start to run again and get out of their doldrums. Those companies that are listed in Singapore and doing business with China like Yanlord, Capitaland or Noble may also start to run. Let us stay tune to see if that happens...


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