Friday, 14 September 2012

Timing is Everything in Singapore Market!

Dear Friends,

I heard that some friends have said that Singapore Market is so unpredictable because it follows so many countries direction. There is US market affecting the opening. Hong Kong affecting 1/2 hour later. Then Europe in the afternoon session at 3pm.

I would say it is true that Singapore sometimes are pushed around. But this is the amazing benefit also! Treat this as a strategy you can bet on, MARKET TIMING!

As an example, yesterday we have a great news that probably we have not expected, QE3. It can be other good news apart of QE. Take note that QE is the extreme case.

My strategy would be to get in the morning session at the open because Hong Kong open half an hour later will push the stocks forward. You can even sell intraday if you have made some $. Bear in mind that a lot of us lose money at the open because stocks have already gapped up. Even tough Hong Kong market did push Singapore stocks further, upside is limited! You need to be fast on this timing.

But the real thing comes with the Europe opening at 3pm. The best timing I think for Singapore market to get in is after lunch, when market has consolidated. As you would expect Europe open to push the momentum upwards again. And you have time to do your homework and browse through which are the stocks that have gapped up but dies a bit in the morning session. Get in before the Europe opens.

If you are experienced and familiar with US market, sometimes I would predict what will happen in US market tonight. Park your positions before the closing bell to expect the stock market to gap up in the morning after a good run in the US market.

Btw, if you want to know more about US market and its Secrets, come for our seminar ;), hehe.

Singapore market because of its delicate nature to other markets, it really requires our traders to be more experienced in market timing and understanding of other markets... tough job right? Ha, PM Lee once said we need to be a roly-poly 不倒翁 because of our small country. That is true, but it has worked so well for us because of the flexibility and adaptability also, right?!

Good luck trading!


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