Wednesday, 5 September 2012

It is official that Energy Sector has entered into a bearish phase in our market sentiment indicator

Dear Friends,

We did say in August that in 1 month's time, energy sector might go into a bearish region and upside is limited in the US market. Indeed, today marks the day where energy go into a bearish state in our market sentiment indicator.

This is our previous article:

Btw, do you remember we caution everybody on Keppel Corp when it reached a double top at $11.60, just when we think Energy sector in US has peaked? Today Kep Corp is around $11.

Congrats on those who follow our call to get out or shorted the stock!!!   We are probably the only few who gives this bearish sentiment on this hot stock last month.

Btw, just be careful if you play with US Energy sector now...


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