Saturday 28 April 2012

The Last 3 days rise is because of APPLE!

Dear Friends,

The market reports continue to be weak this week. Wednesday Durable Goods Report (which measures how the entreprise will be doing 3 mths down the road), Thursday Jobless Claims (Weekly figure on jobless help package), and Friday GDP figure all falls BELOW expectation.

This shows that this month the economical reports are consistently weak. This should have been a month whereby the index tumble. But why haven't it tumble hard??

At the beginning of April, we have mentioned that this is an earnings month. In an earnings month, some of the focus will be shifted to companies earnings. That is the MAIN REASON why the market did not fall hard. If this isn't an earnings month, I am sure every day we will be talking about bad economical report, problems in China and debt problems and political issues in Europe!

The last 3 days US Market has been rising. S&P500 has risen from 1360 to 1400, Dow Jones is back near its BOX TOP at 13300 again. Amazing recovery over the last 3 days. All this is because of APPLE. This staggering company is reviving the confidence of the companies earnings report on Wednesday. In fact statistics show that this season, more than 80% of companies issue earnings results above expectations, which is good news.

April has not been a good month to trade, a volatile month, a contradicting month whereby companies' earnings are generally good, but not economical report. It is good to stay in the sideline if you are not confident.

Wait for next week mega May reports before we make the next move!

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