Monday, 16 April 2012

Short Term Day Trade Opportunity - Mastercard going for $450

We call off this trade as Market started being bearish today...


Dear Friends,
There might be a chance for a opportunity to buy in on Mastercard. Although Friday US decreased by 3 digits, it still close 6 points up. Seems like going after $450 this time. Now it is at $440. Today Europe opened in the green, let us see how US open tonight. Focus on Citigroup earnings before market open.

There is a good chance Mastercard will have a run-up tonight. The strategy is to put your stop loss at your breakeven if you make a bit of $. Mastercard might have some resistance between $449 and $450. But if it is strong, it might breakout.

For our options graduates, not advisable to play spreads on this trade. Just a straight call. Put your stop loss at breakeven if you make a bit of $. Let us see how it goes at $449-$450.

Btw, beware of American Express Wednesday earnings after market close also.

Let us treat this as a case study!!!

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