Monday, 16 April 2012

Somehow I feel STI is one of the Most resilient Index last week. Hot $ coming in?

Dear Friends,

Just a feeling, haven't done a comprehensive research. Treat this as a leisure article. Last week, US seems quite volatile. However I notice that STI didn't drop. In fact I think it rises. It seems quite strong recently. Today all major Asia index is in the red (though not much), STI manage to stay in the green.

Today I read Straits Times article that some Hedge Fund money (known as Hot Money) coming into Asean Region from US and other places. VERY INTERESTING! I haven't studied KL index, see if it is as resilient. But let me do some research first.

If this is true, maybe it is time to pick up some Singapore Stocks after a long consolidation. 

Will STI going to pierce through 3030 soon? 

If HOT MONEY coming in, this is certainly a BIG possibility!



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