Monday, 9 April 2012

Payroll is dissapointing, but FED shows cleverness in releasing on Holiday!

Dear Friends,

Last Friday's Non farm payroll report is a huge disappointment, the U.S. economy created only 120,000 jobs in March, well below market expectations of 210,000.

Friday is a holiday. Now I finally know why Labour department released the Employment figures on Friday, which is a holiday. This is the first time to my memory that an important Employment Report is released on a non trading day. They probably already know that we would miss the expectations figure. In my view, this is a CLEVER TACTIC! It proves FED really knows the wall street. 

If they released the figures on a trading day, I think DOW will be crushed, because of the surprise shortfall after so many months of positive Employment data.

Now after the long weekend, after allowing time for Wall Street to sink in the news, I think the impact is not that great. Let us see how Europe and Wall Street opens today. Market will fall, no doubt, but perhaps not as panic now.

In wall street, some might even think, since Job figures aren't good, QE3 is a great possibility now. This is certainly how Investment Guru Prof Chan Yan Chong thinks when he came to Singapore to share his investment predictions.

For me, I will be extra careful in April after the terrible Jobs report. I would keep track of Market Sentiment to see if Market turns Bearish. However like I said, this is US earnings season time, starting on Tuesday, Alcoa will be releasing its earnings. So there will still be opportunities for a lot of companies in April.

Just that we need to be extra cautious this month.



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