Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Question on Apple Play before earnings

Question posted by a Friend:

Hi Daniel, what is the next target for Apple? What do you think?


My near term target for Apple is $647, yes, just $10 away. Now the price is $636 at closing.
Will it breakthrough? Perhaps, but I would sell at $647 first. It needs to consolidate a while. At least for 1 or 2 days.

After it breaks $650, I would go in again.

However my STRATEGY for this stock is I would DEFINITELY sell before its earnings day. Now there hasn't been a confirmed date on earnings released date. Probably 24th or 26th April. Apple high chance will be shot down on earnings day.  Forget what the PRESS say about this stock. The more hype there is, the more the stock will gap down.

I have seen so many High Growth Stocks being shot down by Wall Street on earnings day and I have lost so much $ during the last few years that I know this time, Apple might not beat the expectations.

However, after earnings, it can be time to accumulate this stock again!


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