Wednesday 7 March 2012

In a down day like yesterday, we need to take down stocks that are resistant to drop

Dear Friends,

It is my practice that in a Down day like yesterday where Dow closes 204 points down (ends at 12,759) and almost every sector in the red, I will take note of any stocks that are resistant to drop. These are stocks that will run whenever the market gets better.

I know that a lot of us avoid looking at market in a down day. Bcos we lose $. But to be a good trader, it is where we need to work doubly hard to search for stocks that are GEMS in the woods.

Eg. Yesterday some stocks that are resistant: Amazon (AMzN), McDonald (MCD), Procter & Gamble Co (PG), Intel (INTC), KLA-Tencor Corporation (KLAC)

Btw I will be sharing on the TOP 5 Defensive & Resistant US stocks that we need to watch out this month. I will show you how to trade with a local broker in Singapore on US stocks if you want.

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<<Secrets of the US stock market & How it affects Singapore market>>

on  13 Mar (Tue) English Session  OR  14 Mar (Wed) Chinese Session.
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You shall learn
1) US market important economical reports and implications
2) Outlook of Singapore and US market
3) Top 5 DEFENSIVE & Resistant stocks You must watch out for this month and which Sector is in play now?
4) A strategy to know the direction of the market this month instantly

Date: 13 Mar 2012, Tue     7.30pm - 10pm    (English)   OR
Date: 14 Mar 2012, Wed   7.30pm - 10pm    (Chinese)
Venue: 141 cecil street, Tung Ann Association Building
            #07-02 S(069541),
            Tanjong Pagar MRT exit G, walk straight 80m, opp traffic light

Speaker: Daniel Loh (Raffles Business International Director, Mr Hu Li Yang partner, US Stock & Options Trainer)

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