Tuesday, 20 March 2012

US Stock Tip: Google Flying off $625 as told yesterday!

Dear Friends,

I hope you did not miss this tremendous opportunity I mentioned yesterday! Did you make money from Google fly off? Go in with options and you make much more!

This is timing to perfection. I just ask everybody to see this stock, and today it flies!

Check this out:

This is today's chart on Google.

Did you see the increase of $10 within 2 hours? Holy cow, it is flying towards $647... that is my near term target. But remember to shift your stop loss higher now if you make $, just in case market tanks.

But let me tell you, this stock has room to move still. Having said that, I was late on the breakout as I am teaching in a class...ha, miss it abit. But I encourage you to come for our Stocks Training. I will teach you how I select stocks. It is REALLY EASY STUFF!

Mastercard hasn't broken out, let us wait and see...



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