Thursday, 1 March 2012

US Stock Tip: Apple exactly follow our Call in reaching $547 before tumbling! Great call Again!

Dear Friends,

Just yesterday, I wrote this article:

I mentioned Apple will be going for $550. Please sell at $547 if reached. Indeed it has. $547.6 is the highest it goes before rumbling to $537 and recovered. As a Day Trader, you would have sold at the highest point of the day. Not a dollar less. If you want to sell at $548, you couldn't even get it.

 Btw, this is what I called, "The Law of Gravity of Price". Even by not looking at the charts, I would have known exactly at what price to sell. This is like developing an acumen. In trading, we need to develop this intuition. Anyway, looking at chart doesn't give you a clue where is the resistance. Bcos Apple at all time high got no reference.

Some of you may ask,"What if apple flies again?"

As traders, we don't take Risk. At $547, which I know for sure is a resistance, I get out first, before others. Only after it consolidates, which I don't know how long, it may be 1 day, 1 week or 1 month. After it consolidates finish, and breakout, then I enter again. Poor traders get in at $547 because they are impatient to wait for consolidation.

This is how Traders Trade. Avoid Risk and Protect your capital!  

Btw, if you come for our course, We would teach you how to apply the same concept in both Singapore and US Stocks. Making Money is Easy!


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