Tuesday, 27 March 2012

So much Optimism in US now after Bernanke Talk!

Dear Friends,

Yesterday is a fantastic day of playing stocks! Everything moves. Everything flies.

The stocks I watch so closely, almost all broke out. Today some stocks might gap up at the open after yesterday strong finish!

Like Amazon breaking out of $200, Lulu out of $75, Apple out of $600, Baidu out of $150, Mastercard out of $430, Nuskin out of $60. KLAC going for $55, INFA off $50. Las Vegas going after $60. Priceline out of $700 going to $750!

Just to name a few stocks I have been watching. My cash register can't stop ringing!

Some to take note also this week, that seems likely to breakout...

1) Google at $650 now
2) Bank of America at $10 now

Both are poised for a breakout soon...

If you think making money is tough, think again!!! It may be just that you are playing in the wrong market using the wrong tools!

The best market hands down is US Market!  Happy Good Friday n MERRY Christmas, Santa Claus is coming this week!!!

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