Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Warren Buffett is Pro housing and Pro stocks now!

Dear Friends,

An article saying that Warren Buffett is optimistic about the US stock market and the property market. We better listen to him, he seldom got it wrong. Of course, what he meant is that this is a good time to buy cheap stocks still (though he preferred 2008), and US property is on the verge of recovery.


I also feel that US property is already past its bottom! IF you think that Asia property is expensive, try America now. All housing reports are Great, never has been since 2007. But you still need to know their legal issues there. If not buy some US property related stocks.

Btw, when Warren Buffett thinks its good to own stocks, he is talking about a few years down the road.  

Of course, now that we are so close the resistance, may not be the best timing now. Any time may have a consolidation in this overbought area.

Wait for Dow to clear 13000 and STI to clear 3000 points for 3 days first!


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